Must-Visit Places When You are in New Jersey

New Jersey is a beautiful state in the United States. It is the fourth-smallest state with only 14000 sq. miles of area. Many tourists skip visiting this mind-blowing place because it is overshadowed by its neighboring attractions like Connecticut and New York. However, people who visit NJ can witness beautiful landscapes, beaches, and places.

You can plan a seasonal stay in NJ or go for a few days of vacation. No matter the number of days, there are some places that everyone must visit while on their NJ vacation. This article mentions things to do, from the pastoral countryside to world-class casinos and beautiful beaches. Read on to take ideas and plan a great holiday or stay in NJ.

First things First

Before anything, you need to book yourself a place to live. Rental houses are trendy among people in New Jersey. Depending on the stay and budget, you can book one room, an entire apartment, or a beach house. There are plenty of options there; you can search for beach house rentals in NJ on the internet and make advanced bookings to prevent any last-minute issues on arrival. Now that you have booked your stay, you can list things you want to do there. Scroll through for ideas!

Visit the Jersey City

The state is home to various art scenes, forests, beaches, and casinos. You can never get tired of vibing with one thing. You can begin by visiting Jersey city. It is built on the Hudson River and gives you amazing views of Manhattan. You can easily walk alongside the waterfront and experience the city’s beauty. As you walk and build an appetite, you can have lunch or grab a quick bite from any nearby restaurants.

Atlantic City

There is a famous boardwalk in the Atlantic; you have to visit that. It is a four-mile-long boardwalk with maximum sightseeing opportunities for tourists. You can find an amusement park with various rides for people of all ages. The passages like gondolas allow you to view the city from the top. Rent a bike and ride to the cultural and historical attractions like the Absecon Lighthouse and more.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

It is a pretty place to visit for people who love to embrace nature at its best. The 40-mile protected stretch of the Delaware River has two visitor centers on one side; Pennsylvania hosts visitors on the other side. Both the centers are equally fun to visit. One offers archaeological sites and activities like camping, canoeing, etc. On the other hand, you can find historic sites displaying traditional crafts from the 19th century.

Battleship New Jersey

USS New Jersey is the US navy’s most decorated vessel. The administration has now converted it into a floating museum on the Delaware River. You can participate in the tours through the Iowa-class battleship to learn about the battle and history. The ship has many artifacts relating to world war II. In addition, you can visit the bridge to view Admiral Halsey’s 16-inch guns. It is also the same place where he commanded the Pacific Fleet.

Wrapping up

Make the most of your holiday to NJ by visiting the places mentioned above. Having a list of places you must visit will help you plan your itinerary well. There are many other attractions throughout the state that you can enjoy during additional sightseeing.

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