Northern Travel Bucket List: 7 Reasons Why Ontario is the Best Place to Visit in Canada

Ontario, Canada has it all. It boats awe-inspiring wilderness, big city fun, and freshwater beaches that are just waiting to be explored. You can go paddle boarding, swimming in the clear refreshing waters, sailing on one of the four of the Great Lakes of Ontario, or decide to just get lost in its wilderness that stretch all the way to James Bay shores.

Take a road trip to Ontario! From secluded beaches to bustling city centers and pristine mountain lakes, Ontario is a gemstone waiting to be explored. Are you thinking about taking a bucket-list vacation this summer? Check out these seven reasons why Ontario is the best place to visit in Canada.

1. Ontario Is Huge

Ontario covers a total area of 416,000 square miles, meaning it is as big as Montana and Texas combined. You can spend months moving around this province but still won’t be able to cover it all.

The northern regions of this province are sparsely populated and this is where most of the land area lies. To the south, there are many roads and towns that you can visit.

Ontario is one elephantine vacation spot for those looking to experience the amazing culture and pristine nature, from the southern beaches and towns to the furthest north where wilderness abounds, you can never get enough of Ontario.

2. The Province Has Amazing Parks

The parks in Ontario are similar to state parks in the United States, except that they are usually much larger. Many of them focus on recreation and camping in addition to preservation and conservation.

In Ontario, there are many parks, 65 of which are regarded as major parks. The smaller parks are where cultural heritage and wilderness are protected making them very wonderful places to visit.

All the major parks have campgrounds with the most popular being Lake Superior Provincial Park. This park has two campgrounds for tents and RVs, along with more than 200 boondocks campsites. These parks will give you reasons to visit Canada with their diverse landscape of rivers, streams, clear lakes, and forested hills.

3. Lake Superior Is the Best Place to Visit in Canada

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world. This is one major reason to make you want to visit Ontario where it is located.

When you visit Lake Superior, you will marvel at the wild forests bordering it and the beauty of its shoreline as you take a memorable drive around the shore to the north of the lake. The lake is among the top vacation spots in Canada.

4. The Restaurants

Ontario is renowned for its fresh pastries and coffee and is a resting place for the weary travelers looking for caffeine and sugar doses. This fact alone might just make Ontario the best place to visit in Canada. Places such as Barrie Restaurants help to build this reputation.

5. Canadians Are Friendly

Canadians are famous for being friendly and helpful. Whether you need advice or directions, they are always willing and ready to help with a smile on their faces. That could explain why many towns in Ontario have visitor centers where you can get help.

At such centers, you will find friendly staff who will help you with all the information that you need in addition to giving you free merchandise, pamphlets, and maps.

6. Two Great Cities

There are two great cities in Ontario. The first is Ottawa, the political capital of Canada and the second is Toronto, the commercial capital of Ontario itself. If you get tired of the remote areas of Ontario, you can head either to Ottawa or Toronto. These two cities will surely give you a good treat of nightlife and culture.

Ottawa is in the east of southern Ontario, just near the U.S. border and the city of Montréal. It sits near the Ottawa River and has the renown Parliament Hill building perched high on a broad, rounded cliff that overlooks the Ottawa River.

You can spend your afternoon walking around one of the many museums found here or tour Gothic government buildings and behold their grand Victorian architecture. You can also visit the National Gallery of Canada and view the collections of indigenous Canadian art or head to the park-lined Rideau Canal which is always packed with ice-skaters in winter and boats in summer.

Toronto is among the leading cities in the world. It is home to unique neighborhoods, a terrific theater, and a top-notch zoo. While in Toronto, you can visit the Lake Ontario Harbourfront, a flourishing district of shops, restaurants, and working marinas. And once you are done with this place, you can jump on a ferry and head to the Toronto Islands where the panoramic views of the towering inner-city skyline will stun you.

7. Ontario Boasts 250,000 Lakes

You can’t travel around Ontario and fail to see one of its numerous lakes. And many of these lakes are very big. The number of lakes in Ontario will make everywhere you travel to be scenic and refreshing. Of the five Great Lake, four of them lie partially in Ontario.

If you like camping and nature adventure, you will definitely like Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, or Lake Superior.

Ontario Is the Best Place to Visit in Canada

Apart from the seven reasons given above, there are many others that make Ontario the best place to visit in Canada. With rivers, mountains, forests, and lakes galore, the activities you can get involved in here are numerous.

The best things to do in Canada include paddling or boarding on Lake Rousseau, skiing in the blue mountains, or canoeing the Madawaska rapids. We find all these places in Ontario.

Ontario boasts diverse landscapes, climates, and cultures which makes it a destination that suits any interest. It has a policy of encouraging diversity because it is a country of immigrants. For even more travel tips, keep exploring our blog!

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