Seven ways to explore Europe without breaking the bank

It is a right of passage nowadays to travel and see the world.  From exploring other states to exploring other continents, many younger people have the urge to experience other cultures for themselves.  But this doesn’t necessarily come cheap, particularly if you are hoping to explore an entire continent.  Here are just a few ways that you can save yourself money while you experience all that continental Europe has to offer.

Use public transport

Unlike some other countries of the world, those in Europe tend to have pretty good public transport systems.  From the undergrounds of the capitals to the overground railways that not only connect towns but countries, there are many cheap and effective ways to explore all that this continent has to offer.


Instead of hotels, a great way to save money while you travel is to camp.  While there are many permanent campsites that litter the landscape, particularly in coastal regions, you may instead choose to hire a campervan.  This is a fabulous way to see as much or as little as you like and gives much more freedom of destination, as your bed for the night goes everywhere with you.  For convenience, many sites will allow campervans on their pitches, with some boasting electrical hookups and shops so that you don’t even have to skimp on luxuries if you don’t want to.

Electric scooters

One of the long-standing ideas of transport in Europe is that everyone rides scooters rather than drives a car.  While this is not entirely true (except maybe some Italian cities in particular), the motorized scooter is synonymous with European sophistication.  With stylish electric scooters, such as those from, exploring the metropolitan epicenters of these gorgeous countries becomes a fun and painless way to get around.  

Sleeper trains

An often cheaper alternative (and also fairly romantic) way to get across the continent is to book yourself on one of the many sleeper trains that operate.  These trains are comfortable and safe, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep while it whisks you anywhere from Istanbul to Venice.

Find free things to do

There are always free things to do if you look hard enough.  Many of these in Europe are centered around culture and history, with free walking tours of the landmarks an always popular choice for visitors to the country.

Book hostels

If you are on an adventure around Europe, you’re unlikely to be spending a huge amount of time in your room.  Therefore, one easy way to save money is to book cheap but safe accommodation in the form of hostels.  These are usually full of like-minded individuals, and you should not be surprised if you find a few new traveling companions (at least temporarily) along the way.


One way to fund your travels is to work as you go.  From doing a ski season in the Alps to being a party host on the Greek islands, Europe is full of opportunities for young people to work while they experience all that the world has to offer.  This may be a little tricky in terms of needing Visas or right-to-work status depending on where you are from, but after doing your research and getting all of this in place, it will guarantee an economical way to have the time of your life.

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