Summer 2018 Adventures: The Do’s & Don’ts

While an adventure is supposed to offer many surprises along the way, there are some issues you will certainly want to avoid on your travels. If you want to have an unforgettable experience, check out the following dos and don’ts for an exciting summer 2018 adventure.

Do Follow an Itinerary

A little bit of planning and structure can help to make your travel experience more enjoyable, as you will not miss a fantastic activity or attraction. Following an itinerary will allow you to identify how you will pack all must-do activities into your vacation, so you can feel satisfied you have experienced the best things to see and do at your destination.

Don’t be Too Strict with the Plan

While planning is important, you should also allow a little flexibility. You might want to visit a museum, but your travel buddy could simply want to go for a hike or lounge by the pool. So, save a little space in your diary for a spontaneous experience or to swap activities.

Do be Prepared for a Flight Delay

Expect the unexpected during travel, as you will never know where you will go or who you will meet along the way. One thing that should never catch you by surprise is the potential for a flight delay, which are common in every airport across the world. Unfortunately, delays and cancellations can happen, so stock up on books and entertainment to fill your time if you experience a delay. You should also learn more about flight compensation and how to make a claim if your flight was delayed for more than three hours.

Don’t Make Assumptions About a Culture

Travel will almost certainly broaden your mind; however, you must never make assumptions regarding a culture until you have experienced it for yourself. Visit every city or town with an open mind and aim to be both friendly and warm to both locals and tourists. This will help you to form genuine connections during an adventure, and you may realize a stereotype is simply that.

Do Travel Light

If you are heading off on an overseas adventure, you might be tempted to pack everything into your suitcase, but this will only weigh you down. Instead, aim to travel as light as possible by only packing the essentials, so you will not need to carry heavy luggage from A to B. Only pack clothing you know you will wear and try to buy essential toiletries once you reach your destination to lighten your load. Also, avoid carrying bulky gadgets with you, so leave a tablet or heavy camera at home, and simply use your smartphone instead.

Don’t Wear the Wrong Clothing

While you might be able to walk around with your shoulders and knees uncovered at home, some destinations have formal dress codes you must follow. For instance, you must cover your shoulders, arm, and knees when entering many European churches. You can trust you will be promptly turned away if you attempt to enter wearing a low-cut top, sleeveless shirt, mini skirt, or a pair of shorts.

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