The 3 Most Common Hassles of Planning a Holiday

It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good break from work and regular life every now and then, which makes perfect sense; travelling refreshes the mind and the soul, refilling us with the renewed energy we all need to be productive at work and appreciate the comforts of regular life again. However, all that is only applicable as long as that holiday isn’t ruined by any of the common hassles that we are going to discuss next.

The Hassles of Booking

At the very least, there are two booking aspects to any holiday:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Flight/train/bus

These hassles can be multifaceted and complicated enough to make the whole trip feel like a chore. A few examples of common issues are as follows:

  • To get affordable flight tickets and hotel rooms, the booking must be done months in advance
  • The more family members involved in the trip, the more you must coordinate with everyone to find that elusive timeline
  • If you can’t book in advance, chances are that you will have to settle for subpar accommodations and pricy flights
  • There’s always the chance for advanced flight bookings to be cancelled, throwing the entire planning in disarray
  • That luxurious room you booked may very well turn out to be a pretty shady place!

Communication Hassles

A very common piece of advice that we have all come across while searching for travel tips is that if you have plans to visit an international location where the people don’t generally speak English, you should try to learn the language a bit. Realistically speaking, who really learns a language just for a holiday visit?

If you can, then you most certainly should, as nothing can make communication easier, but one cannot be expected to learn the German language before visiting the country, at least not in any meaningful way that would help them anyway! Six months of classes in a foreign language, just for a fortnight in Europe simply doesn’t make any logical sense at all. It’s much better to rely on Google translate or local bilingual guides, provided you can find any good ones of course!

Tourist Traps Are Really Hard to Avoid

Unless you are quite familiar with the place that you are about to visit, chances are that a good deal of your money and time will be wasted on meaningless tourist traps. You should most certainly research your location beforehand, rather than relying on the local guides. There is also an element of danger here, especially in some countries with amazing tourism, but awful security.

The One-Stop Solution

Not that these hassles and potential holiday bugs cannot be tackled individually, but that could once again be described as another hassle; the chore of hassle management! Instead, try experiencing personalised holidays offered by the top tour organisers in the world.

You choose the destination or maybe just the kind of holiday you want to have (adventure, beach, trekking, etc.) and everything else will be customised and arranged according to your own needs. Personalised holidays are likely the best possible way to enjoy a break without being stressed about it!

Now that you know what often ruins our much-deserved breaks and steals the valuable holiday time from us, you are already going to find it easier to avoid them. The main idea is to streamline and minimise the hassles as best as possible. If something feels too complicated or risky, listen to your common sense and avoid it!

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