The best laid plans…find out what to do if your holiday has been cancelled

You probably had it all planned out, to the very last detail. Your holiday wardrobe, how much currency you were planning to take, what cocktails or authentic food you were hoping to try and the details of every activity you were planning to indulge in. But when you’re suddenly informed that your holiday has been cancelled, it’s as though your dream of a relaxing and fun week away from everyday life has been stolen from you. And there’s nothing you can do about it! Try Creditfix for a helpful infographic about what to do if your holiday is cancelled.

Sadly, holidays getting cancelled at the last minute happens more often then we might like to think and although it hurts, you now need to focus on getting your money back as soon as possible. The idea of trying to claw money back from a holiday company sounds like a mammoth task, especially if the holiday company has unexpectedly gone into administration, or you’re holiday has been cancelled due to adverse weather or a natural disaster. However, if you take the right steps it’s not as arduous as your might think. Here I’ve provided a helpful infographic that will give you plenty of advice for getting your money back after a holiday cancellation.

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