The Ultimate Packing List for Your Next Watersports Trip

Are you planning an exciting trip filled with fishing or other water sports? Check out the details here to develop the perfect packing list.

Have you ever left on a trip and arrived at your destination only to realize you forgot one, or more, of the most important things you needed?

Needless to say, this has likely happened to everyone at one point or another. The best way to avoid this is by putting together a packing list before embarking on your upcoming journey.

This can be especially important when planning an exciting trip filled with fishing or other water sports. Confirming you have all of the baits, lures, and other necessary equipment will ensure a fun-filled vacation.

Let’s take a look at the essentials to put together the ultimate packing list for your next water sports trip.

Fishing License and Other Documentation

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have your fishing license on your packing list for the fishing trip. Whether you are going alone or chartering a company like Intensity Offshore Outfitters, you need to have the proper documentation. Without it, you will spend your whole trip staring at the water and dreaming about the catch of a lifetime that might have been.

If you forget your fishing license and decide to cast a line anyway, you could be looking at hefty fines. Other charges could also apply depending on the location and type of fish.

Be sure to check the state and local regulations regarding licenses and other necessary documentation. If you are planning an international fishing trip, take a look at the country’s requirements as well.

Fishing Gear

This one is so much of a no-brainer that it could slip out of your mind as easily as a wet fish slips through your fingers. Check and re-check that you have the proper fishing gear for the type of fish you want to catch.

This will typically include a fishing rod and reel, extra line, tackle box, and the proper bait. Do you plan to use artificial lures or live bait such as worms, mealworms, or minnows? This will help you know if you also need extra hooks, sinkers, and more.

If you are unsure what fishing gear you should bring, then you can always ask an owner or employee of a local sporting goods store. Most of the time they will be able to help you determine what is biting and how to fish it.

Food, Water, and Snacks

Having a good supply of food and water is essential for a fishing trip. Bring enough water for the time you’ll be gone, plus a little bit more for emergencies. You never know what can happen and it’s important to always have enough water.

You can also bring a personal water filter in case you end up needing more and have to use water from the lake or river where you are fishing.

The same goes for food and snacks. Bring enough for the trip along with extra for emergencies. It would be a shame if your turkey sandwich slipped out of your hands and into the lake leaving you with nothing to eat for the rest of the day.

Appropriate Shoes or Boots

There is some flexibility here, depending on the type of fishing you are doing. Could you wear flip-flops if you’re simply fishing on the side of a lake and be fine? Probably.

Should you instead wear close-toed shoes to protect from the elements like water, weeds, bugs, etc? Probably.

Think about where you’ll be fishing and what will be appropriate footwear for the trip. Whether it is a simple pair of tennis shoes or thigh-high leather boots for wading in the water, make sure they are on your packing list.

A Map

It is easy to scoff at the idea of a map in this digital age, but a paper map won’t lose cell reception when you are up in the mountains or away from civilization.

Pick up a map of the area you plan to fish and make sure it has the needed details for your trip. And more importantly, make sure you know how to read it. It won’t recalculate your route for you like a GPS.

Waterproof Bag

Similar to a water ride at a theme park, when you go on a fishing trip, you will get wet. Adding a waterproof bag to your packing list will provide peace of mind for your bare essentials that need to stay dry.

Pack up your wallet, keys, cell phone and anything else that needs to be shielded from water in a small, easy-to-carry bag. You’ll be glad you did.

Health and Safety Equipment

Although this includes a first aid kit with things like bandages and allergy meds, there are some other necessary items. Bring along a hat and some sunscreen to prevent a dreaded sunburn.

You can also bring things like bug spray, hygiene products, and biodegradable bath tissues for cleaning equipment and for your hands.

A Knife

A good knife is an absolute must for any outdoor activities. They have thousands of uses ranging from fire making and cleaning fish to digging and first aid.

If you can believe it, they are also really good at slicing and cutting things.

Adding a quality knife to your packing list is like adding almost an entire toolset. It will come in handy in the best and worst of circumstances.

A Large Backpack

Obviously, you don’t want to carry all of these things one by one from your car or truck. Bringing a large backpack will give you the organization space and convenience to carry these essentials.

There are many good options out there with outer pockets, providing spaces for water bottles and the other items on your packing list.

Need More Packing List Ideas and Travel Tips?

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Also, let me know in the comments if you have anything you’d like to add to this list. I’d love to know what you take on your fishing trips.

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