Things Locals Are Better At Telling You


It’s inevitable – you touch down in some uncharted country and you’re ready to hit the streets exploring, but first, where’s your hotel? What’s the best way to get there – and what is a fair price? These are the questions that you start wondering and undoubtedly you’re going to get taken for a ride – both literally and figuratively – more than once in your travelling, so it’s always a great idea to get details right from the horse’s mouth. So what are some examples of things you should ask locals about? Read ahead for the top questions locals in many countries get posed and why.

How Much Is A Taxi To X Location?

Possibly the most common and most useful of all the questions that could be posed to a local. Determining the price of a taxi to any location will help you understand what the real price is and not the conveniently higher foreigner price that you will encounter in many countries – unless you question or fight it. Knowing in advance will help you determine when you’re being taken advantage of, and will help you be able to combat it.

Where Can I Get A SIM Card?

Another common question locals will be able to answer. Unlike in the UK where you can get almost any SIM you want from the checkout lane at Tesco, abroad it can be much harder to figure out. You may need to get a SIM from an actual phone company or may be able to pick it up from a roadside convenience shop. They may also range drastically in price, so asking a local what the best option is can be a great idea.

How Much Is a Bus to X Location? How Long?

This is another really important pair of questions to ask locals. Not only will they know how much a bus ticket to a location will cost, but they will know how long it should take as well. These are both important because often some people will try to take advantage of foreigners and charge a higher price for bus tickets that should be cheaper. Alternatively they may also take advantage of foreigners with transfers – claiming you need to purchase a transfer or additional portion of your trip through them. Know what you’re buying in advance and ask locals who will know. Very often it’s a business or individual trying to take advantage of foreigner ignorance as to what the actual case is.

Which Dish Do You Recommend?

Another great suggestion on questions to ask locals. Dishes the locals are eating are usually the best dishes to opt for in your culinary travels as they will provide you the most authentic opportunities to try dishes that only the locals are eating or that the locals highly recommend rather than the standard dishes everyone seems to have the world over.

There you have a couple of great questions you should ask the locals the next time you find yourself in a foreign country. Always remember that the locals have their ear to the ground, so they will be able to help you the best – aside from expats who have been in country for an extended period of time.

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