Things To Know Before Making That Maiden Trip To Japan

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone and experience a new culture that is unique and different from that of your country? If so, then perhaps you need to travel to Japan. Of course, before your maiden trip, you will have sorted out the visa issues, and now you are ready to board your preferred airline. However, there is one thing that you should remember –never become those bumbling tourists by attracting the attention of people for always being on the wrong side! Well, if it is your first time traveling to Japan, then here below are some of the things you need to know upfront:

1. Get a pocket Wi-Fi

It is argued that having a pocket Wi-Fi is a lifesaver anytime you are making a trip to Japan. Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is massive and so you need to use Google navigation maps and directions to help you get where you were going. Therefore, having a mobile hotspot available throughout your journey is incredibly helpful.

2. Trashcans are far between and few

Perhaps there are many trashcans and closer to each other in your home country. However, that is not the case in Japan! These waste cans are rare so it is highly recommended that you carry your own plastic bag, especially if you are planning to eat street food as you move around.

3. Do not try to tip for any service given

If you are the generous lot, then leave that virtue at home before boarding a plane to Japan. There is no tipping of any kind in this country. Therefore, there is no need to tip waiters, bartenders, or drivers. Just pay the prices of services or products as it is!

4. It is not worth to get that JR Pass

If you had once traveled overseas, then there is no doubt that your friends asked you to get a JR pass. However, it is a complete waste of time and money if you are planning to visit a few cities during your stay in Japan. For Kyoto and Tokyo, Pasmo or Suica card is sufficient. JR Pass comes in handy only if you will be traveling to many different cities within a span of one week – which is not possible in most cases!

5. Unexpectedly, more places accept credit cards

You must have heard many people saying that credit cards are not accepted in most places in Japan! While there are a few street vendors and shops that insist on cash payments, most places hosting international tourists like hotels, motels, restaurants, shopping malls, and so on do accept credit cards. However, just to be on the safe side, carry some cash with you.

6. Tattoos are considered a taboo in Japan

While tattoos are one of the most common arts in the fashion industry, there is a social stigma or taboo attached to them in Japan. It is important, therefore, to note that some facilities hosting traditional onsen might not allow you to enter if your body is tattooed.

7. You will be asked to remove shoes in some restaurants

There is no country on the planet that upholds its traditions to the latter than Japan. This perhaps explains why you will be required to remove your shoes before entering some public facilities like restaurants. While some insist on removing shoes right at the entrance, others will ask you to remove at the table before being tucked next to the booth. It is, thus, advisable that you wear socks if you intend taking meals at a restaurant.

8. Always respect the subway rules

Japan is one of the few countries on the earth where rules and regulations governing any aspect are observed very seriously. You too should be keen in following all the rules! As far as the subway is concerned, you should be considerate and quiet when using any public transportation. In other words, no taking foods and drinks or taking on a cell phone. Ensure that you do not sit on priority seats reserved for elderly persons, people living with disabilities, or pregnant women. Make sure to line up on the door’s left side of the subway platform. Do not be on a hurry; just wait for passengers on the train to come out before getting on.

9. Try getting used to high-tech toilets as well as squatty potty

Japan has gone a notch higher when it comes to the electronic world; no wonder their toilets live up to that spirit. The western style toilets in this country utilize a high level of technology so that you will find a heated seat, bidet, noisemaker, deodorizer, and so on. At some famous temples, shrines, or even older buildings, you may find a traditional Asian-style squat toilet that is fitted right into the floor. Of course, some foreigners can find it somewhat challenging to squat over toilets, but the good news is that many public restrooms feature both options.

10. Department stores are also food lover’s paradise

As we all know, most of our local department stores are filled with precious pieces of jewelry. However, that is not the case in Japan. Instead of getting your favorite ring, the counter is filled with an endless list of delicious, tasty foods. Just go to the basement level of any Japanese department store and choose from herbal tea and tempura to macarons and so on.

Get your visas in no time

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