Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a great option if you’re the adventurous type and love to travel and explore new lands. Maybe you’re not tied down to your hometown and don’t mind finding a more exciting location for where to host your event. The challenge can be trying to get all the logistics in order when you’re so far away.

Keep in mind there are important details to think through and that you should consider before your wedding takes places. The following tips and suggestions are going to help you determine what you should be focusing on leading up to your big day.

Scope out Locations

Your first step in planning a destination wedding is to choose a memorable location. Travel around and tour different options so you can book a stunning venue that everyone will adore. The venue will have a major impact on how well the event goes over and how much you enjoy your big day. You may love the location so much that you also decide to stay and honeymoon there.

Send out Save-the-Dates & Wedding Invitations Early

Expect that not all guests you invite are going to come to your destination wedding because of how far away it may be and the cost. However, for those you do want there, it’s important that you send out save-the-date messages in advance so everyone can mark their calendars. In general, plan on sending out your save-the-dates and wedding invitations earlier than you would for a local affair. Remember that guests not only have to take time off of work but also purchase a plane ticket and book a hotel room.

Hire A Professional Planner to Assist

Another tip if you’re choosing to have a destination wedding is to hire a professional planner to assist you. There may be a language barrier, and it might simply be easier to have a coordinator standing by to help with the logistics and so they can make sure all to-dos are done on time. You may think about hiring someone local at the destination so they can be on site helping to coordinate and call the shots as you plan. This will take a lot of pressure off of you so you can focus on making the decisions but not having to pull the entire wedding together by yourself.

Find A Dress to Fit the Destination

You may not want to have a formal wedding dress if you’re going to be getting married on an exotic beach. It’s a wise idea to tailor your dress to the destination where you’ll be saying your vows. Pictures will look better this way, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable if the weather is warm and your dress is fitted properly, and the material is light and breathable.


Use these tips to help you plan the perfect destination wedding and make sure all plays out as you wish. It’s also a wise idea to have a backup plan should the weather not cooperate, and you need to be indoors or under a canopy instead of on the beach.

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