Top 10 Countries to Visit this Winter

If you need a winter getaway, but you’re not exactly sure where you want that to be, we know exactly how you feel. There are many options to choose from, and that’s why we thought we’d lend you a helping hand with 10 amazing places for the perfect winter holiday.

1. Iceland

With its incredible landscape comprised out of volcanoes and alpine landforms, this country should be on everyone’s bucket list. You can admire huge craters and crevices alongside greener pastures and snowy peaks, so you’ll really need to get the best snowshoes you can find.

You can explore its unique beaches or even go for a swim in the freezing Atlantic waters. The views are spectacular, though, with black sand formed after volcanic eruptions and immense stretches of water. And when all that becomes too eerie, you can always go back to a more vibrant Reykjavik to enjoy some sightseeing.

2. Hawaii

If you want a tropical beach and friendly locals, Hawaii is definitely a place where you can sit back and enjoy the life. Unlike Island with its cold, arctic beaches, Hawaii abounds with soft, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

The tropical trees and parks offer good hiking opportunities, with heart-throbbing viewpoints and unforgettable views.

3. Norway

Another incredible country, Norway has plenty to offer in terms of unforgettable landscapes and breathtaking views. The quaint fishermen villages make a perfect contrast with the bigger cities. This is the perfect place to enjoy the Aurora Borealis, the name given to the Northern Lights.

The vivid display of colors that light up the dark can only be equaled by the Midnight Sun. This is a strange phenomenon that occurs because the sun sets minutes after it rises, creating the illusion of a double sun.

4. New Zealand

If you want to enjoy some fairy-tale sceneries, visit the country where Lord of the Rings was filmed. You’ll see vast stretches of green pastures, small waterfalls, and geothermal springs, with very few other tourists around.

The epic white mountains provide good hiking, dogsledding and snowboarding chances and it’s all cheaper because it’s off-season. The weather isn’t that cold, and you can even spot some baby seals on your way. And if the Northern Lights sound too mainstream, New Zealand has the Southern Lights for an equally impressive show.

5. Greece

With its incredible legends and spiritual appeal combined with a very Dyonisian way of life, Greece is definitely the land of contrasts. This is a great place to be if you want to enjoy a milder winter weather and if you want to have more opportunities to enjoy your free time.

You can visit old temples and archaeological sites, enjoy some time at the beach or go hiking in Mount Olympus. The bucolic villages with friendly people will fill you with a sense of down-to-earth friendship, while the secluded mountain-top Orthodox monasteries create a sense of wonder.

6. Spain

This is another country that’s worth visiting in the winter because of its many opportunities to enjoy the season in a warmer environment. This is one of the countries with the least amount of precipitations all year-round, so you can count on a sunny holiday.

You can enjoy a bubbly nightlife in many of its big cities like Barcelona, or you can relax on a more tranquil resort on the beach. There are plenty of opportunities to go hiking, surfing or sightseeing, especially since Spain is a cultural center of both the Roman Antiquity and the Medieval Europe.

7. Israel

This is another country where you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife on the very popular beaches of Tel Aviv if you don’t necessarily appreciate a white Christmas. On the other hand, there are numberless archaeological sites here too, thanks to a rich Judeo-Christian history. For instance, you can visit Mesada and see the fortress used by a handful of Jewish people to hold back an entire Roman army.

You can also visit the Old City of Jerusalem and other religious sites. The Israel National Trail is great for hiking this time of year especially since it runs through the desert. The Dead Sea is another attraction where you can enjoy an effortless swim thanks to a very high salt content that will keep you floating.

8. Germany

Don’t forget to stop by in the heart of Europe if you want to enjoy medieval art, history, and archaeology. Germany abounds with contrasting landscapes, particularly in Bavaria. Here you can enjoy alpine landforms with abrupt and snowy peaks as well as green pastures.

There are also plenty of Medieval castles and fortresses to visit, and the mulled wine is simply addictive. The Christmas markets are enchanting, with magnificent light displays. You’ll also love the frozen lakes, the snow-covered trees, and the ice rinks.

9. Egypt

With an ancient history that depletes with awe and legend, Egypt is also a country with incredible city centers that will keep your nights entertaining. The weather is mild, and though it might be a bit rainy, you can definitely enjoy a swim at the beach without a swarm of tourists.

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