Top 10 surfing beaches in and around Punta Mita

Punta Mita and the surroundings (also known as the Mexican Malibu) is not only an exquisite combination of luxury and relaxation but also offers world- class surfing.

Whether you are staying in one of the high end all inclusive hotels with your entire family, having a private villa vacation at one of the exclusive Punta Mita villa rentals, these are the best surfing spots at the Riviera Nayarit for you to visit.

The warm water and variety of waves make it the perfect destination to practice the sport of the kings; whether you are a first-timer, stand up boarder or just looking to perfect your technique, there is a fantastic spot for everyone. Wax your board and get your paddle on as we mention only ten (of the many) surfing beaches in and around Punta Mita. If you dream of riding the waves, there is no better way to learn how to surf than in;

Playa La Lancha. It is an ideal beach for experienced surfers to perfect their technique and it is an excellent spot for standup paddleboarders. You can get to this beach by boat (obviously) or park your vehicle a few kilometers away (by the Bolongo development), with board on hand, enter the jungle and follow a clear path until you get to this hidden paradise.

Playa Los Burros is a bit steeper than Playa La Lancha. Many consider Burros the best-surfing waves in the area; hence, you will always find a competitive crowd. The somewhat fast wave is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. If advance surfers are up for a challenge, a 10-minute walk towards the south from here (Burros) will do, to reach Pools.

La Alberca (aka Pools) has steep, fast inconsistent waves (beginners should leave this spot for the advance crowd).

Playa Veneros (aka Dinosaur) located a mile away from Pools, is a fun spot for upper-beginner and intermediate surfers who want to work on their technique in a quiet environment.

La Bahia (aka The Cove) is a top-pick to ride the waves. This rarely crowded spot with consistent waves will become a favorite for advanced surfers. The Cove is accessible by boat from Anclote, located outside the luxurious Four Seasons Resort.

El Anclote (aka Little Waikiki) makes the perfect place for the entire family to surf, standup paddleboard, or boogie board. The long, reliable, and reasonable-sized waves are suitable for all levels. This beach is seven steps away (literally) from Hotel Cinco in Punta Mita.

El Faro (aka the Point or The Lighthouse) is another perfect place to get your board wet, this beach is excellent for longboards and shortboards and is best for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Stinkys Beach (named after the small fishing boats docked in the area) is located right in front of La Quinta del Sol Hotel (in Punta Mita) it is excellent for longboarders and perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics, as the break is slow and steady.

Sayulita has become the surf capital of the area; it is an excellent location for newbies to arrange surf lessons, and intermediate to advance to have fun in the sun. Sayulita is a magical village to hang out and relax while you wait for surfing friends. As an added bonus, it’s a great town with cool surf shops, restaurants, boutiques, and Huichol art galleries.

San Francisco (aka San Pancho) is what advanced wave-riders are in search for. An hour-long hike along the jungle trail or a ten-minute drive up north (from Sayulita) is where you will find surfers favorite hidden retreat. The consistent high waves will guarantee an epic session. The waves in this point are not suitable for all; therefore, first-timers should leave this spot to the more intermediate to the advanced crowd. Punta Mita and surroundings offer not only a fantastic tropical haven but also great waves (that suit all skills), with a friendly welcoming vibe of locals and visitors. We are certain that these spots (among many more in the Banderas Bay) will exceed your expectations.

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