Top 3 Countries for Book Lovers

Book lovers have tastes and preferences especially when it comes to travel. They will be looking for destinations with a rich reading culture and great educational resources. If you are a book lover, you definitely want to know which destination will spice up your love for books. It’s just like for everyone who wants help from do my essay services – they too will be looking for assistance from an environment that is rich in educational resources. The culture of reading and historical literature materials are some of the reasons that some countries will be preferred travel destinations for book lovers more than others.  Here are the top 3 countries that book lovers would love to visit…

1. Slovakia

This is a central European country that is widely known for dramatic landscapes and postcard-perfect castles.  More than the many manors, citadels and mansions, the country also takes pride in its libraries. The World Bank reports and the Online Computer Library Center Inc (OCLC) rank Slovakia as one of the great destinations for book lovers based on the number of libraries per 100,000 people. Ideally, libraries are not only meant for books only. They are significant in modelling the social fabric of society.

Libraries are instruments of literacy training, connecting the homeless with the outside world. They also provide a useful gathering space for civic groups and give them access to educational materials. Throughout history, libraries have had a lot of impact on the literacy levels of a nation. According to the United Nations Development Program, there is a positive relationship between development indexes and library rankings. Countries such as Syria and Iraq where libraries have been destroyed have hugely been impacted development wise.

2. Palau

As reported by the OCLC, Palau is second in rank based on the number of libraries per 100,000 people. With a population of about 21,500, the country to the east of Philippines is rich in anthropological works and histories contained in Western academic circles. There may not be a lot to pick from writers coming from that place but book lovers will not lack something to relate with especially coming from the Western World.

3. Finland


If travel to the Slovakia and Palau don’t come through, Finland is the other place for book lovers to consider. The state-of-the-art Library Oodi located in Helsinki, Finland is a good indicator of things to expect especially for those who love reading books. If you want to be part of this literate nation taking learning a notch higher, then this is a perfect destination. With libraries facing a budgetary cut throughout other parts of the world, Finland seems to be going the other direction.

The spending per head on libraries in Finland is much higher than that of the UK. The new library Oodi is a great example of the strides taken by Finland to promote public reading and learning among its people. Any book lover would want to visit such a country and get to learn more on things that interest them – books!

Final Remarks

Anyone can do anything for things they love. For book lovers, their travel destinations can be influenced by a rich history of reading. Those seeking assignment help online will probably get people from such areas. A good way to find out this is by finding out the number of libraries and educational resources available in a given country. This information and data is available in UN reports and other institutions and can be accessed for use by aspiring travellers among those who love books. Discussed here are the three countries that can be a good travel choice for book lovers.

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