Top Ten Travel Tips For Road Trips

Road trips are the only way to really see the countryside, wherever you live. Make your road trip epic with these travel tips.

When you think of a road trip, it’s likely that a vision of wide open road adventure comes to

mind. And that’s exactly what it can be when you have the right travel tips on your side.

But with all of the information out there, how do you know which tips are best? And which ones will take the stress off of being on the road for hours at a time?

Not to worry, we’ve made it easy on you. Here are the top 10 travel tips to ensure your next road trip turns into the epic adventure of your dreams.

1. Make Sure Your Car Is Ready

You wouldn’t want to get on a plane without it first being inspected for safety, would you? So why not treat your car with the same level of concern?

Schedule your vehicle for a routine checkup. Have the engine fluids checked, oil changed, and tires rotated. Make sure the spare tire is up to par in case there’s an emergency.

Nothing will kill the buzz of an awesome road trip more than breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Being preventative now will save the coulda woulda shoulda’s later on.

2. Have a Loose Plan

Unless you’re one of those who like going wherever the wind may take you, most of us have a pretty good idea of where we’re going when we head out on a road trip. Knowing where you’re going is good, but having a strict schedule isn’t.

Road trips are supposed to be all about exploring the wide-open road, so make time to do so! If you see a “World’s Largest” exhibit, stop and take pictures! Is there a scenic stop up ahead? Take time to gaze at the sights.

When it comes to good travel tips, don’t plan yourself so tightly into a box that you don’t have the time to stop and enjoy the trip.

3. Prepare Trip Entertainment

Sure, road trips are fun. But sitting in the car for hours at a time can start to get a bit boring. So make sure you bring plenty of entertainment to tick away the time!

Having a variety is key. This could be anything from audiobooks, podcasts, movies on a tablet, car games, handheld video games, music, puzzle books, or anything else you find interesting.

Just don’t forget the chargers for your electronics. And if your road companions enjoy different things, having separate headphones will keep everyone in the car happy.

4. Bring Snacks

You’re going to get hungry, and there isn’t always going to be a truck stop or fast food joint close-by when you do. To avoid anyone in the car getting “hangry,” it’s best to bring a bunch of road trip snacks to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Snacks that don’t make a big mess are best. No one wants to sit in a bunch of crumbs for miles on end. And you can always get one of those car coolers that keep both your food and drinks cold. They’re compact and plug into your car’s power source to stay cold.

5. Download the Right Apps

Having GPS is a must for any road trip. So one of the good travel tips to follow is to download apps like Google Maps to help you find your way.

You might also consider taking screenshots of your directions to save data or no connection is available.

Downloading other apps like Roadtrippers can make your trip more interesting. It will show you all kinds of sights, accommodations, and places to eat along the way. So if you have a hankering for a Boos Philly Cheesesteak, it’s got you covered.

6. Play It Safe

Being prepared for the unexpected is what “adulting” is all about. So when your road trip throws you a curveball, being on your game can keep any disaster from throwing a wet blanket on your trip.

Pack an emergency car kit with blankets, a flashlight, and anything else you may need if you should get stranded. Have a first aid kit available if the clumsy one in the car should get hurt. Keep the number for roadside assistance handy. And having a hotspot with you in case you end up in an area with no WIFI could be a lifesaver – literally.

7. Pack the Necessities

Sometimes the little things make the most impact. And when you’re on a road trip, having a few everyday necessities can make the trip less stressful.

If you’re eating and drinking in the car, have a roll of paper towels to clean up any messes that may occur. Small trash bags will keep all the empty wrappers and water bottles contained. And even an extra roll of toilet paper will come in handy should you find yourself at a rest stop that has run out.

8. Stay Connected

No matter where in the world you find yourself, it’s always a good idea to let friends and family know where you are. It keeps you safe should you ever need help and will give them peace of mind as well.

This is also a situation where having a hotspot with you might come in handy, should you find yourself without WIFI.

9. Comfort Is Key

With as little physical excursion as it involves, it’s surprising how exhausting road trips can be. That’s why being as comfortable as possible will make your road trip way more pleasant and enjoyable.

One of the good travel tips to follow is to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Blankets and pillows are always handy when relaxing, or even when a nap is in order.

And make sure to stop every two to three hours, get out of the car, and stretch. It will get your blood circulating again and help you feel more energized.

10. Pack Smartly

It may seem like you need all those extra pairs of shoes and ten outfits for a weekend getaway, but overpacking will become more of a nuisance than it’s worth.

Keep yourself organized by only bringing what you need. Not only will it help you save on gas, but you’ll have room to bring back all the awesome souvenirs you find along the way.

Knowing the Right Travel Tips Can Make All the Difference

There. Now that you know which tips will work best for your next road trip, all that’s left to do is for you to hit the open road. You go explore and enjoy.

Looking for even more tips? Be sure to check out our blog section on it!

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