Top Tips for Capturing Excellent Travel Photos

Are you feeling a bit disappointed with the travel photos that you’ve snapped in the past, and want to know how you can capture better photos the next time round? Although it can be challenging to capture great travel photos, there are a few easy tips that should put you on the right track.

Try shooting photos during the golden hour

If you have any outdoor photos that you want to snap, try to time them so they can be shot during the golden hour – which is typically an hour after dawn and an hour before sunset. During that time the lighting has a magical quality to it that makes for some truly breathtaking photos.

Think about the story

Every photo that you capture should tell its own story – and you should think of that as you’re picking your shots. What is the story about? Who is the subject? What is happening in the photo?

If you can answer those questions, you should have the makings of a photo that viewers will be able to connect to more deeply.

Use the rule of thirds

A quick and easy way to capture far better travel photos is by using the rule of thirds as a guide for the composition. All you need to do is turn on the grid feature on your camera and position the elements in the frame based on the gridlines and intersection points.

The result should be a more balanced photo with the subject placed off-center, and it should have a better visual aesthetic.

Experiment with unique angles for your shots

Photos that are shot from straight ahead and at eye-level invariably look mundane – because that is the angle that most photos are shot from. If you mix it up and find more unique angles for your shots, you’ll be able to capture photos that stand out from the rest.

In particular you should try to shoot your photo from overhead, or position your camera close to ground-level.


Find ways to keep the camera steady

It can be difficult to keep the camera steady as you’re snapping travel photos, but you should find ways to do so if you want your photos to look good. Using a tripod is definitely one of the best ways, but if you don’t have one you can try propping the camera up on a stable surface instead.

Make no mistake despite all these tips there will still be a lot of factors outside your control when you’re snapping travel photos – and that is where a bit of editing can go a long way. For example you could use Movavi Photo Editor to make alterations to your photos, or even as an image background remover if need be.

All said and done however, the tips described above should help you to capture excellent travel photos the next time that you have the opportunity. Rather than waiting for your next trip however, you should try to practice them now – so you’re better prepared.

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