Top Tips for Motorcycle Travelers

Whether you are going on a weekend-long trip, or you want to spend the whole vacation riding on your motorcycle, it is always best to be prepared for any situation that may come your way. Learning all the tricks to staying organized on the road could take years of trial and error to master. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait so long, as experienced riders are here to share their advice. Here are the top five important tips you should consider before setting off on your journey.

Choose your bike wisely

An attractive looking bike should not be the deciding factor for you. Choosing an adequate ride is one of the most important aspects of motorcycle touring.

Comfort is the key to ensuring you have a smooth and successful road trip. That’s why you should opt for a bike with a harder saddle, so that you can move around more easily and not be forced to spend the whole trip in one posture, saving your neck and back from strains and pain.

Do your research and find a motorcycle you can efficiently handle and maintain before you set out. Make a checklist of your requirements and choose a bike which fulfills them more easily.

Prepare your motorcycle for the ride

Adequate preparation of your bike involves thorough cleaning and getting it serviced whenever the need occurs. You need to take care of any significant problems you may notice, like a bad clutch or loose breaks, so your ride can be in perfect condition when you hit the road. While you can try fixing minor issues yourself during the trip, always ask for professional help if any major issues arise.

If you are going on an off-road trip, quality dirt bike parts are worth investing in. Pick out new guards, different handlebars, or consider going for a softer seat, to make sure your ride is more enjoyable.

Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately is crucial for staying safe throughout your motorcycle journey. That’s why you should always arm yourself with the right accessories.

A good quality full-face helmet is the most important accessory, as it can mean the difference between life and death. Well-fitting riding pants and biker jackets are also recommended, as loose clothes tend to be uncomfortable for long-distance riding.

Other important accessories you need to have are a pair of suitable gloves and ankle-length biker boots which ensure a good grip on the brakes.

Follow the rules

Following the law is imperative. Understand that rules exist for a reason and that they are meant to protect your safety. That is why it is always important to adhere to all traffic restrictions when you are on the road.

It is especially important to research traffic laws if you are setting off for a journey in another state or country, as they can be considerably different from what you are used to at home.

It is also recommended to research the ‘traffic habits’ of the people in the county you are riding through. These habits can sometimes be even more significant than official signs and rules, so always try to adjust as best as you can.

Remember to take breaks

While on a biking road trip, you may need to rest more frequently than you usually do, as sitting on a bike for long periods of time can cause saddle sores such as back pain or a sprained neck. You can easily avoid this by listening to your body and taking a break whenever you feel the need.

It is recommended to take a 10-minute rest after every hour of riding, but you can adjust this to your liking. The most important thing to do on your break is to remember to stretch and always re-hydrate. You can also use this time to refuel your tank and check if your bike is in good condition to prevent any difficult circumstances along the way.

The most thrilling part of a motorcycle trip is when you start enjoying it to the fullest. That’s when the experience becomes something truly beautiful. So keep up the good spirits, stay motivated no matter the circumstances and, most importantly, have fun on your journey.

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