Ultimate Traveller’s Picks To Save Or Make Money On The Road


If you’re planning on hitting the road soon you might be wondering how you can keep those funds up and frequently replenished without having to go home and sullenly look for a new job again. There are plenty of ways to make travel last longer, if not indefinitely, these days and here we look at a couple of great ways you can keep the funds up without needing to sell out.

Playing Games Online

Did you know that you can play powerball online along with a number of other great lottery games from around the world? This means anyone can be in on some of those absolutely enormous jackpots now, not just those people who reside in the country of the game. Not only that but many of the lotteries offer subscriptions too which means the site will automatically take the money from your account meaning you don’t need to worry about it at all and you will always be “in it to win it”.

Stock Market

This might be a bit of a grey area in terms of risk and functionality as a means to make money for travel but many travellers these days – many long term travellers – use the stock market as a means to make money. Playing the stock market is risky and comes with a whole new way of needing to learn how to work, but with time and effort you can learn how to effectively work it to your advantage and while you may not become a millionaire overnight, you might just make enough to keep those travels going for longer.


A lot of travellers these days are considered a new subculture of person referred to as “digital nomads”. These people effectively travel and work on the road, freelancing whatever they can from graphic design, writing, virtual assisting, code writing and more in order to fund their travels. However, it’s a well known fact that many digital nomads have chosen the lifestyle because of its flexibility and affordability over living at home and struggling as a freelancer and being forced to work in offices or other soul crushing jobs.


Do you possess a wealth of knowledge in a particular subject? Be it languages, maths, science or more, tutoring children either online or in person can be a great way to help make money on the road. English teaching is a hugely popular option for those looking to tutor in foreign countries and with more and more clients being open to Skype learning, it’s easy to see how this is one of the most popular ways to make money.

WorkAway/Help X

For those who are more keen on voluntary work, Workaway and Help X are both great sites to find opportunities to do things like accomodation exchanges and also work on farms, in gardens, schools, temples, private homes of all kinds in exchange for a room and sometimes food too. With a number of people signed up looking for travelling helpers, these are great ways to get your needs seen to in exchange for a couple hours a day.

So whether you’re heading out for the first time or you’re about to embark on your umpteenth trip, these are great tips for any traveller hoping to prolong the journey and delay the return. How will you make the road yours? Enjoy the wandering.

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