Vacation in a villa in Italy: How to choose the perfect one

This year you can decide something different for your next holiday. No more hotels, no more resorts, no more B&Bs… what about choosing a vacation in a villa in Italy? That is actually a very nice solution. Not convinced? Here is everything you need to know when you decide to choose a villa in Italy for your holidays.

First of all why choose a villa in Italy for your holidays? Answering this question is very simple. The spaces are very large and this gives a sense of freedom. Moreover, even if you choose to stay in a villa with several people, perhaps with the family or with a group of friends, thanks to these spaces, you will be able to have your own private sphere. And also, if you travel with other people, you can divide the cost of the villa and spend a luxurious holiday in an amazing location with the same money you would have spent for a room in a crowded hotel.

Which services can you find in a villa in Italy?

A villa for the holiday, thanks to its large spaces, allows you to have many services and facilities:

  • A swimming pool, or even more than one,
  • A barbecue area,
  • A jacuzzi on the terrace,
  • A private parking lot
  • Several bathrooms, which are indispensable when you are with other people.

A villa, with its large spaces, can also be a nice location where to organize parties with friends known on the beach.

How to choose the perfect villa

Once you have chosen the location – we recommend Tuscany, one of the favourite Italian regions – the dates of your stay, and the number of guests, you can start your search online. For sure, you will find many amazing villas, each one with its own flair and its own services. Just think about what you want from your holiday and what your friends or family would like to experience. Among all the choices, you will find without doubt your villa in Italy for your next vacations.

Where is the most beautiful villa in Italy?

As said before, we strongly recommend choosing a villa in Tuscany. For instance, this fascinating region is the right choice for any type of holiday. Do you want something relaxing? No worries, the beaches and landscapes of Tuscany invite you to disconnect from the stress of everyday life. And do not forget about the many wellness centers that offer a wide range of healthy treatments. Do you want maybe something more active? Well, Tuscany is always the right answer. Here, you can hike, you can take a bicycle and discover the surroundings, you can do water sports, and in Winter, you can also ski.

So, there is no final answer to the question “Where is the most beautiful villa in Italy”. Everyone has his own needs and his own desires. What can be perfect for somebody, can be not so optimal for somebody else. But what is sure is that a vacation in a villa in Italy is the right choice in every case.

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