Why Camping Out at Home Makes for A More Fun Sleepover for Your Child

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Sleepover parties are a fun part of being a kid, and if your son or daughter is asking to have one, there are lots of ways to make it extra fun. One of these is to have your child’s sleepover in a tent in the garden, for a cool camping experience that you can also easily keep an eye on!

All you really need is some suitable space in the garden, a tent large enough to fit the group of friends your child wants to invite, and general camping equipment like sleeping mats and sleeping bags which you can also reuse later on for a family camping vacation. You can find some good reviews of suitable tents at My Family Tent.

Plus, of course, you’ll need some good snacks!

So why is this such a great idea for a party for tweens?

It Feels More Private Than Having a Sleepover in Their Room

Tweens begin to want a bit more privacy than younger children, and when they are gossiping and chatting with their friends, they don’t want to feel like siblings or parents are going to overhear their secrets! While you may be far less interested in who has a crush on whom than your tween might suspect, when they are outside in their tent away from being overheard, they can relax and have fun while still being safe and close to your watchful eyes!

The Novelty Makes It Exciting

For both your child and their guests, sleeping outside in a tent is a novel and fun thing that makes all of the usual sleepover activities seem a bit more fresh and exciting. This is likely to make it a hit with their friends, and boys and girls alike can enjoy the fun of sleeping outside in a tent with their buddies while still having access to all of the stuff in the house, like a proper bathroom and the fridge, which they wouldn’t have on a real camping trip!

They Can Learn Some Real Camping Skills

While the camp-out experience in the garden may not involve the full range of skills needed to camp out away from the amenities of home, the kids will get to do some stuff they can learn useful skills from, such as figuring out how to put up the tent and how to make a comfortable bed inside it.

As they’ll be so close to home, you can really give them a lot of independence in doing this stuff, and so they are likely to learn quite a lot from setting up their camp for the night.

A camping sleepover party can be really fun and a great way to allow your child some privacy with their friends as they grow up while still knowing they are completely safe. If you are currently trying to come up with a novel party idea your child and their friends will love, and which won’t break the bank, it can be a great option!

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