Why Spain Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Not adding Spain to your travel bucket list would definitely be a shame. It is one of the most beautiful countries, not only in Europe but also the world. The mixture of Moorish and European culture resulted in some amazing architecture, not to mention the beautiful beaches and ideal sunny weather. Of course, you would need a whole lifetime to explore everything Spain has to offer, but for now, we have prepared a fun and engaging list of sights you might consider visiting just to get you started on your journey.

Choose a region or a city

From Madrid and Barcelona to Seville and Girona, there are numerous places you can visit. And if you prefer, you can choose Spain travel packages that are most suited to your travel preferences. Whether you are looking for family fun in Madrid or Barcelona, or if you prefer a more relaxing vacation that includes a visit to the famous La Rioja wine region where you will get to taste some of the finest wine Spain has to offer. Of course, there are always seaside options that can include bathing in the warm Medditeraibnan waters and even surfing. So opting for a specific region or city based on what you want to see and try is a great first step to getting to know Spain. Further down in this article we will mention some of the best sights in some of the most famous cities. So let’s continue our exploration!

The colorful Barcelona

This enchanting seaside city boasts with rich culture, fabled architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene. What more could one ask for? First of all, you will see some of the most renowned Gaudi’s works. Form several notable buildings along with the world famous La Rambla street, to getting to walk around the renowned Park Güell and enjoy not just the amazing architecture but also nature and fantastic views of the city. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience. And not to mention you’ll get to see the majestic Sagrada Familia, an architectural marvel that captivates anyone who lays eyes on it. When it comes to food, make sure you don’t miss out on tapas and paella and don’t forget to take a stroll around Barcelona’s most famous La Boqueria market.

The majestic Seville

This Andalusian capital is rich with Moorish heritage which makes it a truly unique place to visit and experience. Just so you know, the three main things that are very typically Sevillian, and that we most associate with Spain are flamenco, tapas, and toros. In all honesty, the bullfights are not something most people enjoy. But missing out on a flamenco night when in Seville would be a true shame. As for must-see sights, there is always the famous Seville Cathedral that will have you mesmerized for hours with its beautiful architectural flourishes, relics, and historical curios. And let’s not forget the La Giralda, the bell-tower that is one of the most famous symbols of Seville. It is Moorish in origin, given the fact that t was the minaret for the former mosque.

As you can see we have barely scratched the surface of what Spain has to offer, and not visiting this magical country at least one durion our life would be a true shame. So check out some of the available packages, and plan out your next trip.

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